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Adsense Approval Tricks in Nepal

Adsense Approval Tricks in Nepal

Do you own a website or blog? Adding content only might not be enough as you might need to monetize your website. Monetizing your website will allow you to earn for the precious time you have invested in your website. Your content will reciprocate financial value and you shall be able to have passive but yet effective earning. Google adsense has undoubtedly been the best ad serving program and with Google adsense, you shall be able to monetize your websites, blogs, mobile sites, games, YouTube videos, applications and collect continuous earning by publishing ads on your resources.On internet there is no any post with Adsense Approval Tricks in Nepal.Follow our article for all the detail process to know the  adsense approval tricks in Nepal.

Google works as mediator between the advertisers and publishers. Google pays fine share of the revenue paid by the advertiser to the publishers. However, ad serving and publishing aren’t easy tasks though. Google needs to make sure the publishers and the resources they are sharing comply with Google policies. The contents need to be genuine and original and useful for the visitors. Only then the advertisers also get benefited and their investment for the ads make worth. With websites growing and trend to earn online sharing resources, web publishers have started using various tricks for use money through Google adsense and you might have noticed, it has been very difficult for websites to get approved for adsense these days. You might have tried a lot getting Adsense Approval but could be receiving message with rejection. How to get Adsense Approval for website? This is a common question. Online workers in Nepal have also been struggling to get their adsense approved. There are some Adsense Approval Tricks in Nepal though.

First of all you might need to know the reasons why Google rejects your application. Here are some common issues or reasons for the disapproval.

  • When the site does not comply with Google policies.

Google has various policies that the site must comply with for adsense approval.

  • When site does not comply with the Google Adsense program policies
  • When there is no enough content
  • When site does not adhere to the webmaster quality guidelines.

Before you start to give a shot for monetizing your website with Google adsense, you might need to ask yourself some questions though.

  • Why should someone visit your website or blog?
  • Are the contents well researched and complete?
  • Does your website provide information that a visitor might want? (Contact details, social profiles etc.)

You might fail in meeting your goal of monetizing and earning through your blog or website if you fail to answer even one of the above questions. Once you find your website resourceful enough, then you will have to know about the requirements for participating in Google Adsense program.

  1. Google Account : Google account, Gmail is needed to participate in Google adsense program. Adsense can be joined only with Gmail. In the earlier days, the service was available to other mail processors too but this has now been exclusive to Google’s email website, Gmail. Gmail account is needed so that all information regarding acceptance, rejection, payments etc associating Adsense can be mailed to you and you stay updated. Since, this Gmail account will be used to make your adsense account, it is important for you to be careful while providing your information in the time of registering a Gmail account.
  2. Age Requirement: Since, financial transactions are done through Adsense program, one need to be at least 18 years older to apply. In accordance with the Adsense Terms and Conditions, applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

After you meet basic requirements, you will have to shift your focus completely on your website and blog. Missing even a single component might make you a subject for disapproval. With many publishers boosting adesense earning in Nepal using various illegal tricks and black hat SEO, application process for Nepalese adsense applicants have turned tougher. Here are some genuine adsense approval tricks in Nepal though. Considering these tricks and tips will let you have genuine approved Nepali adsense account you shall be able to earn healthy amount of money online.

  1. Website/ blog ownership: It is very important that you own the website or blog. You will need to have access to the HTML source code to place the Adsense Ad Units code and only then you shall be able to display Ads on your site. Top level domain names are always preferred, eg: however having a top level or custom domain name for your blog or website is not mandatory. You can apply for the adsense with your blogger itself too.
  2. Website/ blog contents: SEO determined the search result and dominance over the search engines previously but with Google algorithm restructuring and shifting things, the quality of contents have started determining the presence of website over the internet. Post quality, quantity, originality have started determining the traffic and presence of website.
  • Post quality: You need to make sure the content you are providing doesn’t compromise quality. Don’t post just for the sake of numbers. Try sharing resourceful contents with complete and useful information. This will bring the visitors back and again in your website as they will find the information helpful and useful. Should you post useless quality, your website will start earning negative reputation decreasing the traffic.
  • Post quantity: The number of posts in your website should not be less than 25. There are no magic numbers for Google adsense application but so far approval of applications are concerned, you need to have at least 25 articles and also make sure you post at least 3-5 post weekly.
  • Insufficient Content: Insufficient content is another problem web publishers usually experience. Your website might have enough numbers of posts but might not have sufficient content. Make sure to compose enough articles with 500 – 800 posts for least. For a good SEO, it is necessary for a post to have words count of 300 at least. Your website might have large number of videos and images but might not have enough content which could lead you to disapproval as the spider of the search engine crawls through the keywords not the videos or images.
  • Original contents: Undoubtedly, you will need to have original contents. Google is strict with copyright issues and doesn’t tolerate duplication of the resources online. It is necessary to have original and genuine content. Also make sure not to use images, videos or textual content that have copyrights.


Other than the contents, make sure you have minimum of 5 pages with navigation links visible on the home page. Create pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy with the information required.

In addition to that, Nepali ad publishers need to be careful with the Domain, website age too. To get approval for Nepali adsense, it is necessary for the website to be at least 6 months older. So have patience and you shall receive Google Adsense approval message but you will need to follow the above mentioned Adsense Approval Tricks in Nepal. This article also will help to know more about adsense approval tricks in Nepal.

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