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Best Places in Nepal for Music Video and Film Shooting

Best Places in Nepal for Music Video and Film Shooting

Nepal is rich in natural beauty and heritages. There are lots of places in Nepal that provide unrivalled tourism experience. Moreover, those places have attracted entertainment industry too. Music videos and films always look forward for places with beautiful scenes so that they can allure viewers engage them and earn sound profit. There are many  best places in Nepal for Music Video and Film Shooting. All of these places have their own significance and identity. Here is a list of Best Places in Nepal for Music Video and Film Shooting that you might want to have a look at. All these places work as perfect sets and help the producers and crew produce magnificent work.


Kathmandu is undoubtedly one among the best places for music video and film shooting in Nepal. Old streets through the towns, temples and shrines, tall standing buildings, black topped roads, they all contribute as important entities in a video. The streets with lights in Thamel, Basantapur Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath are some of the places that appear on screens often. Moreover, during clear weather, one can also capture smiling range of mountains from Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu offers every bit of the technical support too so, shooting a film in Kathmandu is very easy.


The beautiful scenery, greeneries, quiet and captivating hills, resorts make Nagarkot a fine place to shoot music videos and films. During winter season, one can also shoot snow falls giving romantic touch on movies as per the demand of the plot. And Nagarkot isn’t so far from Kathmandu or the nearest city of Bhaktapur. This makes the shooting process smoother in terms of logistics management too. The view of the sunrise and sunset in Nagarkot is unprecedented. This is also the reason why large numbers of tourists prefer spending weekends and relax at this place.

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park could be another fine option for site selection. Fantastic views of mountains, yaks add fineness in the videos. The beautiful appearing sceneries blow mind of viewers too. Moreover, if the videographer is clever and smart enough, capturing the shots of snow leopards could add more life to the videos. This place appears as one of the best places for music video shooting with the flora and woods also adding more color to the background. Casting thrilling sequences and following through the woods give different dimension to the videos. This place might be one to prioritize for the directors.


Pokhara, also known as city of lakes appear as one of the best places in Nepal for music video and film shooting. This place has almost everything that a video or a film shall demand. Temples, nightlife on lakeside, beautiful lakes, fantastic views of mountains, everything makes this place a very beautiful one. There might be no places on the Earth like Pokhara. Despite of being modernized in lots of aspects, the place still remains same and offers the original beauty it has been doing since long time back. Shooting video in Fewa Lake, Capturing mountain scenes from Sarangkot will undoubtedly add more spice to the videos. Moreover, all these things are natural and no sets are needed to be built.


Bhaktapur is an ancient city and has a lot more to offer for its visitors. Moreover, it is among the best places in Nepal for music video and film shooting too. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapol, Changunarayan Temple, Years old ponds, they all work as fine set for the videos. Moreover, the age long art works, wooden structures, historic monuments, everything decorates the videos very well giving boost for music videos and movies. Despite of people being modernized, the culture yet remains in its original form and so do the heritages.


Patan is another place inside valley offering itself as a fine set for music video and film shooting. Zoo, palaces, temples, museums, everything has made this place a rich set. Nothing needs to be added and each of the monuments stands at a perfect place and videos are ready to be shot on the go. The heritages of the place add bright richness to the videos. The acting of the actors and casts along with hard work of the crew also turns meaningful with videos being shot at this ancient city filled with cultural significance. Wood arts, pagoda style temples, old bricked paths through the streets leading to courtyards work as fine elements for the videos.


Mustang is well defined for mesmerizing landscapes, mountain views, trekking trails. This place is picture perfect to shoot romantic videos as well as films with adventurous questions. Everything appears clean and pure with blue sky, lands stretching to distance and more. Similarly, Muktinath is also in Mustang and a shot at Muktinath add up more charm in the videos. Yak rides, bike rides through the rocky roads, chilling air blowing make a video look amazingly beautiful with unrivaled scenes. All the constituents of the place make Muktinath also one among the best places in Nepal for Music Video and Film Shooting in Nepal.


Lumbini shall be another fine option as a set for music video and film shooting. The amazingly built monasteries, art work on walls of the monasteries add glittering beauty to the video. Lumbini also has huge significance being the birth place of Gautam Buddha. Featuring Maya Devi Temple, ponds and gardens add more importance on the videos and films. Lumbini doesn’t have only monasteries but appears like a big garden with people being infatuated with the peace hidden in the place. A talented videographer would be able to present everything in his video helping the producers release a notable work.

Nepal has many other fine places for music video and film shooting. Landscapes, terrains, lush green hills, mountains, everything works as natural set that don’t need to be altered and are perfect in the ways they are. All the places in Nepal demonstrate unprecedented beauty and significance in different aspects adding richness to the videos.

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