What is the Best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit  Nepal:Nepal undoubtedly is one of the premium tourist destinations. This nation lying on the lap of Himalayas with tranquil flowing fresh water rivers and wide species of flora and fauna make this nation a complete package. However, there are various factors influencing the experience of a tourist. Expenses, facilities and even climate and environment determine whether tourists would prefer to visit the place. Nepal is good to visit throughout the year. There is no specific best time to visit  Nepal however, with geography ranging from flat lands to steep mountains; there is variety of climate too.

Weather in Nepal can be widely divided into four main seasons. The four main seasons include autumn, winter, spring and summer. Summer is also known as monsoon as this season receives huge rainfall here in Nepal. Each season has its own significance as the priority visit could be the determining one. Places like Pokhara might not be a preferred one during Monsoon while places offering mesmerizing scenic views could be choice for autumn.

Pre-monsoon appears to be a transition season and might not appear as ideal time to visit  Nepal in numbers of aspects as the weather is generally gloomy with clouds covering the sky. The weather also brings stifling heats and rain showers often.

Summer, otherwise also known as Monsoon season extends from June to September. The season might vary by few weeks though. However, the season typically starts from mid June and fades out by the last weeks of September. This season offers bright sun with high temperature during day time with warm environment during morning and evening. This season could be the best time to roam around cities. Heritage walks and site seeing could be better options while one looking for adventure sports might find this season annoying. This is the best time to visit Nepal if one is a true nature lover. One will get to breathe fresh air. Flowers can be seen blooming and butterflies are also noticed roaming. Moreover, fruits are abundant. The conditions shall not favor trekkers due to high temperatures and intermittent rainfall. Flood trails and mud slides are often during this season. The end of this season brings best trekking season making countryside lush and green.

With the monsoon calling out, autumn welcomes ideal trekking conditions with clear skies and fresh air. The season lasts for a couple of months from early weeks of October to later weeks of November. During these couple of months, one could experience pleasant temperature and good visibility. The weather is comparatively a drier one. This is the best time to visit Nepal if you are looking forward to go around countryside, trek up and down the hills. The lush and green countryside also helps one to chill out, spend some time breathing fresh air. During this season, it’s not too hot in Terai neither too cold in hills. The pollution and dust are also washed away by monsoon rains leading to clear sites, visible mountain ranges. This season is also considered as tourist season so, major tourist seasons could find everyting turning expensive and even the hotels and lodges are also found being crowded. Two major festivals of Nepal, Dashain and Tihar also fall during this period.

With departure of November, the month of December brings cold and chilly winter. The temperature falls during the months of winter. The morning and night time could experience very cold while the daytime temperature could be mild in the Terai and Hilly region. The mountain region experiences snowfall which could disturb trekking experiences. During days with clear weather, trekking can still be possible with clear visibility but accommodation could turn out being the issues as the mountain lodges are shut down due to the extremely low temperature. January is the coldest month of the year and with departure of January, the temperature starts rising slowly bringing back the visiting mood into action. The season generally extends through couple of months, December to January however, the temperature could still remain cold during the month of February. Winter can still be good time to visit Nepal. One might prefer visiting places without snow. The cool temperature makes the visiting experience even satisfying and city sights also appear pretty tremendous. This season is perfect for visiting places of Terai.

After Autumn, Spring ranks as another tourist season. This is also the best time to visit Nepal. The days are warmer and longer giving one abundant time to enjoy sights. This season is more appropriate for viewing wildlife so, jungle safari, nature tours, walk through the woods could be best touring options. Nepal’s national flower, Rhododendron also blooms through this season turning the woods into its color. The heat increases through the season inviting summer however, tourist find this time as appropriate one to go for sightseeing or trek around. Flowers also start blooming bidding farewell to cold and dry winter. Everything appears to be flaunting in this season, youths as well as nature.

The temperature in the lower flat lands of Terai is generally warmer inviting wildlife view best into experience and winters, autumns and springs could be appropriate time to visit but mud wash and floods during monsoon could turn visiting experience bitter. Meanwhile, mountains might not be place you would wish to opt to visit during winter as the snowfall could leave you being stuck in a place. This makes Nepal a place to visit throughout the year. Prioritizing the nature of the tour could be something one might need to consider doing though. Based on the season, one might wish to choose the place and type of the tour, he or she might wish for. Monsoon might not favor trekking while foggy mornings in the winter might not be good for mountain viewing. But Nepal offers wide range of tourism experience throughout the year with each season and time carrying its own significance and characteristics. Autumn, spring, winter and monsoon all four seasons are appropriate for visiting Nepal. Nature has been blessed Nepal with unprecedented beauty.Best time to visit  Nepal

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