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Cheap Restaurants in Thamel

Cheap Restaurants in Thamel

‘Cheap is better, free is best’. Well this statement justifies what people usually look for. However, when it comes to dining experience, you might not get best things for free. Moreover, Thamel is known for best restaurants but people might find places pretty expensive to afford. This might not be true completely. There are lots of eateries where you can dine with open heart and tummy and you shall still find the bill reasonable and comparatively cheaper. Here are some of the Cheap Restaurants in Thamel but still finest ones with their services.

Western Tandoori (Indian food)

This restaurant offers wide variety of Indian cuisines. This place is like a hole-in-the-wall where most of the eateries are found pretty expensive. This Indian delight isn’t unknown though and this restaurant remains crowded most of the times with locals and budget backpackers. You might not find a table easily during lunch and dinner time. For just 100 – 200 rupees which would be around $1 – $2, you can fill your tummy with delicious curry and naan or roti. Naans and rotis are available in different flavors (plain, butter, cheese or garlic). Anybody getting to this restaurant can dine and return stomach filled at very low budget. There are other cuisines always available on the menu worth trying. Mixed veggie curry and paneer masala are also some of the most appreciated delights of the eatery.

BK’s (Best Fingerchips & Snacks!)

BK’s Restaurant is one of the finest cheap restaurants in Thamel. This restaurant offers delicious meal at an amazingly unbelievable price. For just Rs 200 – 250, one can fill stomach with a fulfilling meal. The restaurant offers plenty of options on the menu like chicken wings, pakora, beers and soda. Moreover, the restaurant is pretty famous for the momos and fries they serve. Momos are available in different styles, friend, veggie or buffalo. The fries are served with spicy ketchup escalating the taste buds. Many diners have reviewed the fries at BK’s as some of the best in the work. Eating at this place is fulfilling and is always within budget. It is more like an eating paradise for budget trekkers after weeks away their adventurous journey.

Pumpernickel (coffee shop and bakery)

Pumpernickel is one of the cheap restaurants in Thamel with fine food and customer service. For the menu they serve and amazing customer service, their price is somehow unbeatable. This wonderful coffee shop is located in the heart of Thamel and is one of the popular budget eateries for many tourists as well as locals. This restaurant has huge reputation for serving delicious baked goods that taste fresher than other places in the city. Moreover, the restaurant has 24 hour power backup so, it is a good place to spend time enjoying the bakeries and coffee and get your works done.

Hot Breads (bakery and coffee shop)

Hot Breads serves some of the best bakery items and their price is unbeatable one. After 9:30 pm, the bakery starts 50% off sale before closing. This place is no secret for locals as well as foreigners making the restaurant very crowded. Shoppers wait until their trays get filled with cheap, baked treats. The price and the delicious bakeries make this place one of the cheap but fine restaurants of Thamel.


Momotaru (Japanese food)

Momotaru is a fine restaurant in Thamel and offers plenty of options on menu at reasonable price. The place is paradise for Japanese food fanatic. This place is worth trying if you are tired of same menu and restaurants. The restaurant serves various exotic foods like steaming-hot bowl of ramen, Kakiage Don-tempura veggies on top of steamed rice. You can get your stomach filled being within your budget. Moreover, no matter how exotic the dishes are, you can get yourself well fed and it shall cost you around 300 rupees each. The menu is vast in this restaurant and you can also find a wide selection of sushi.


Momo Star (decent food, delicious price)

Momo Star is another popular restaurant which is praised for its unbeatable price. In a budget of couple of hundred rupees you can find yourself a hefty meal. The restaurant offers friendly atmosphere and is a fine place to hang out for football night. The restaurant offers delicious cuisines and has plenty of options on menu. Banana Lassi is its delight and is one of the best being served. Other foods like sandwiches, momo, thukpa are also worth trying however, people have praised banana lassi of this budget restaurant.

K – Too Beer & Steakhouse

K – Too Beer & Steakhouse is another fine restaurant in Thamel with reasonable price for the quality food it offers. The restaurant might still be a not-so-cheap one when comparing to other cheap restaurants however, based on quality and service they deliver, this restaurant makes to the list of cheap restaurants in Thamel. The steak at K – Too are phenomenal with regard to their cost. This place is paradise for the ones just entering the Kathmandu valley as one can relax and get over tiredness with a bottle of bear and mouth watering steak. The restaurant provides fine dining environment with well decorated interior. The sizzling plate of food served or the interior is worth taking photo. The restaurant offers free menus at times so; this place is certainly worth visiting for the delicious food they serve.


Thamel has many other fine budget restaurants well known for their food and service. Along with budget restaurants, there are some well known expensive fine dinners too. People of every financial capacity prefer visiting Thamel and dine. One can hang out with friends or even organize celebrations. Some of them imprint long memories and taste experience. Meanwhile, there are some restaurants often criticized for being expensive for what they serve. No matter what, Thamel has always been center for food and crafts in Kathmandu. Tourists (especially from abroad) find this place as next to their home. They can be found roaming freely in the streets of Thamel.

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