Chevening UK Government Scholarships

Scholarships is provided by: Chevening Scholarships

Applicable subject areas: Any Master’s degree offered by any of the Universities in UK

Sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and some of its associating organizations, Chevening Scholarships are officially the UK Government’s global scholarship program. Started since 1983, Chevening Scholarships has now developed itself as one of the most reputable scholarship scheme available to the International students. Established with an objective of providing some of the most talented students around the globe, lauded with proper leadership skills, with an opportunity to study in some of the most reputed universities in the UK, Chevening Scholarships targets to provide about 1500 students with the opportunity for the academic session of 2015/16.

In order to be eligible for the Cheveing Scholarships, the applicant must first meet the following criteria:

The applicant must hold an intention of returning to his/her home country for a minimum period of 2 years on completion of the Masters program.

The applicant must not possess a British citizenship.

The applicant must not be an employee or a relative to any employees of the UK Government.

The applicant must meet the minimum English language requirements as set by the Chevening Scholarships.

The applicant must have an experience of work of at least 2 years before application. The work can be either paid or unpaid internships or even voluntary work.

The applicant cannot be anyone who has already been funded by any of the UK government’s scholarship schemes.

The undergraduate degree held by the applicant must be equivalent to the Upper-Second class (2:1) honors degree or above in the UK.

Chevening Scholarships will provide the selected applicants with a full or partial scholarship for the Masters degree that they are selected in.

The deadline to apply to the Chevening Scholarship for the session of 2015/16 is 15th November, 2015.

This Nepal Scholarship announcement is taken from Chevening Scholarship’s official website with an intention of disseminating the information to a wider audience. Further details can be found in the original source link below. Read more about Chevening UK Government Scholarships.

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