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Download all Nepali fonts

Download all Nepali fonts nepalifontsdownload

Download all Nepali fonts With computer being used widely in various official uses in Nepal, Nepali fonts have been a common practice. However, it is still in secondary use with Nepali Unicode replacing the Nepali fonts being the primary one. Using Nepali fonts and typing the combinations require some serious practice making it a bit complicated one over other commonly used international fonts. And this is the very reason why Nepali Unicode is getting popular. However, Nepali fonts are still being used widely. There are various resources over the internet and you can also download all Nepali fonts. They are easy to find, install and use.

Download all Nepali fonts from the link given below.

There are various sites that offer free download service for Nepali fonts. Some popular Nepali fonts include names like Preeti, Sagarmatha, Mangal. Nepali fonts might have lost popularity with development of Unicode but has not list complete usefulness though. There are various features that under-weight the Nepali code. There are various stylish Nepali fonts which may not be found in the Nepali Unicode. For web uses, Nepali Unicode is lot more easier to use undoubtedly while Nepali fonts are still preferred when it comes to offline typing for preparing documents, presentations or making statistical analysis. Moreover, Nepali Unicode might not help you find exact letters or symbols of Devnagari script as needed. But despite of appearing complex, there are combinations that help you to find each alphabet and symbols in the Nepali fonts. However, those complex combinations lead to another problem. Each Nepali fonts appear to have different combination to other. With growing use of the Nepali fonts, developers and programmers are trying to simplify the Nepali Fonts which is helping them to increase accessibility and also help basic computer users to be able to type or use computer with Nepali fonts proficiently.


You might need to download  all Nepali Fonts before using them.After you download all nepali fonts you might need to install them. All you will need to do is download the fonts. Copy them and paste to the Fonts folder in the Control Panel. These Nepali fonts are accessible in every operating system, Windows, Linus or Mac OS. Just follow the simple procedure as stated earlier and find the fonts available in the word processor program installed in your personal computers. While choosing the font, you also get to see the preview. Just find appropriate style for your piece of writing. Try suiting them as per the nature of your document. Apply the style and then you are just ready to appear in the websites with your resources typed in Nepali or you can print your documents for any official purposes. You can type email, letter or even send greetings for your friends, colleagues and relatives. Nepali fonts have indeed made things easier or else we would have been always dependent on pen and paper for preparing documents and online presence in Nepali language would not have been possible. Programmers have lots of work to do though. Complexity of the Nepali Fonts has to be solved soon or else the Nepali Unicode creates threat to replace them completely.

So, here is a list of Nepali fonts. You can download all Nepali fonts for free. Just click on their names to download or download all of them at once in zip files.

Top 5 Nepali Fonts

  1. Preeti

    Preeti is somehow compared with the Times New Roman as it is a default chose for many when it comes to typing in Nepali using the Nepali fonts. It is the first choice that comes in mind when we talk about Nepali fonts. This font is simple, elegant and extremely popular. This font is preferred by all those who use Nepali fonts for offline typing. People who need to type in Nepali using fonts can live with just this font.
  2. Kantipur

    Kantipur is second popular Nepali font after Preeti. It is widely used and its simple and professional looking font face makes it popular for official documents too. This font is extremely similar to Preeti and is simple and quite popular as well.
  3. Fontasy Himali TT

    This is another good looking font that has been able to maintain simplicity in terms of its looks. This elegant font is called Fontasy Himali TT or just Himali.
  4. Sagarmatha

    This is a Nepali font with a bit of weight. You can use this font when you want to have to type Nepali text in Bold.

  5. Kanchan

    Kanchan is another Nepali font that is simple. This font is thinner in size when compared to Preeti or Kantipur.

Download Top 5 Nepali Fonts as a single zip file

5 Stylish Handwriting like Nepali Fonts

  1. Amrit Kuruti 1
  2. Amrit Kuruti
  3. MtEverest
  4. Raju Bold
  5. Shrinagar


Download These five stylish handwriting like Nepali fonts as a single zip file

More Nepali Fonts

  1. AMAA
  2. Anuradha
  3. DevanagariBold
  4. DINA
  5. DINA-A
  6. DINA-B
  7. Dina Fat
  8. Dina New
  9. Ganess
  10. Gauri Regular
  11. Golchha_Nepali
  12. Himalayabold
  14. Himalb
  15. Himali Bold
  16. Himalli
  17. Himchuli
  18. Lakshmi
  19. MayaBlock
  20. Mercantile
  21. Nepal
  22. Nepali
  23. Nepali_DLS_I
  24. PCS Nepali
  25. Prachin
  26. Priyatam
  27. Ritu
  28. Rukmini
  29. Sabdatara
  30. Sama
  31. Sama Ver 4.0
  32. Siddhi
  33. Suryodaya

Download This List of Nepali Font as a Single zip file

Even More Nepali Fonts

Here are some fonts available that follow different keyboard layout. Unlike other fonts following normal Nepali keyboard layout, they follow English keyboard layout. They are someone like bridge between the Nepali Unicode and Nepali fonts. They are easier to use for those who are not able to type in Nepali following regular conventions. These fonts type somehow like this: T would be convert to Ta. These fonts are comparable to Nepali Unicode because they are based on pronunciation. Use these fonts if you don’t know how to type using Nepali keyboard layout.

  1. Devanagari New
  2. Shivaji01
  3. Shusha
  4. Shivaji02
  5. Shusha02
  6. Shivaji05
  7. Shusha05

Download these phonetical Nepali fonts as a compressed zip


Download All Nepali Fonts

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