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EDV 2018 edv lottery form 2073 fill online

EDV Lottery 2018 application will be opened on exact date of October 1 2016 to November 3 2016. Nepali date of edv 2018 is 14 Ashwin 2073  to 17 Kartik 2073. Know how to fill edv form in perfect way.


EDV 2018 will start on 9:45 PM Nepali Time on 14 Ashwin 2073. Do not forget  that, EDV is a freeprogram so it is better not to pay anyone for filling EDV form 2018.

EDV 2018 form

EDV 2018 form fill online from You can apply yourself. Its very easy and process completes on maximum 15 minutes. You do not need good to go cyber and pay for EDV form fill up.

After filling up EDV 2018 form, you will get a confirmation page. Keep edv 2018 confirmation code with you. It is must to check edv result of 2018.

EDV 2018 winners can go to US in 2018 AD. The form opens and closes in 2016 itself. Its your luck if you are edv winner of 2018. Your luck can take you to US to settle there for your future. Criteria of edv lottery 2018 is easy and you must have higher secondary level of education. These are only the important things you must know about edv. EDV is open for many countries. Many Nepalese have already settled in US being EDV winners.

EDV 2018 program ends in one month. So, you need to fill up edv form as soon as possible. If you have any problem regarding edv form fill up, you can ask for help on comment section below. We will guide you giving information on filling edv form for free. Good luck for edv 2018.


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