How to make money online from Nepal

How to make money online from Nepal

With growing use of internet, people have also been exploring ways to make money online. Believe it or not, there are people and companies earning millions and billions online.,, are live examples. Their companies are worth billions today. They started off just as a website but grew popular yielding hefty amount of revenue soon turned dominant in the internet world. Moreover, people are finding alternate ways to earn online. The startups might take some time to generate serious income but there are lots of ways helping you get regular money online. And you can make it a part time job or even a full time. You can work at your convenience, any time and from anywhere. There are lots of Nepalese also involved in online income generation. They have been able to get success in some extent. There are thousands of online workers from Nepal as per the data who earn from penny to over hundred thousand every month. Some get stuck in finding proper ways to earn while some turn impatient.

Here are some ways to earn money online in Nepal. This article will answer your question: How to make money online from Nepal?

Freelancing;make money online from Nepal

This is the most common way of learning online. However, freelancing is not as easy as it appears. Freelancing is itself a big market and to find you with a hefty project, acquiring some skills is most. The skill might of different kind. You can be a good content writer. Being a good web designer might earn you some well paying project. Freelancing offers you wide range of online projects from content writing to data entry, image typing and big web development and data mining projects. There are popular websites like,, and more. You can sign up in any of them and browse projects that match your skills. However, make sure to fill up your profile properly, take skill tests making your profile look professional enough so that the project owners might find your bid undeniable.

Small Tasks Websites;make money online from Nepal

We talked about freelancing earlier. There are websites that offer smaller tasks too. You do not need to bid or take skill tests. Signing up for the websites will let you work on the tasks available. The tasks might range from signing up in the referral links to surfing the websites or even writing review. The pay might appear smaller but the tasks are quicker and easier. You will find yourself earning good money from such sites., Amazon’s Mturk, are some of the sites offering small task works.

Blogging;make money online from Nepal

Blogging is one of the most effective and proven way of making money online in Nepal. The process might appear slower though. Blogging isn’t an easy task though. You will need to be patient and you will need to have enthusiasm to research too. There are many blogs and websites in the internet. You will need to have answer, why should people visit your website or blog. So, make sure to provide useful information on your blog/website. People are found using fake contents for quick traffic. That may generate them some quick money but those blogs easily lose reputation and end up losing the traffic. So, no matter how slow it is, make research, write good contents and build up traffic. You might need to connect to social networks, share links and build your audience. When your website will earn traffic slowly, you can monetize your website with various ad publisher programs like The advertisers let you publish ads and each traffic to your website turns into real money. This is not the only way you can earn with your website. People might offer you to exchange links or even pay you to publish their contents if your website has hefty amount of visitors.

Data Entry;make money online from Nepal

Data Entry is the easiest type of job among all. You can find various programs online or even companies offering data entry jobs. Data entry jobs might be of different types from typing captchas to filling forms. They do not require much of the knowledge but will certainly require patience and hard work. Some data entry works might need a bit of writing skills too. There may be works like commenting or even writing reviews so, sound English is always an added advantage.

PTSU/PTC Programs;make money online from Nepal

There are many websites that pay you to sign up on websites or even pay you to click. The pay rate is way smaller though and it might take you a lot of time to reach minimum payout. However, the websites also let you know how you might be able to earn more in quick succession. The process generally includes making referrals and bringing more workers like you on the website. Neobux, Probux are some of the examples of such sites that pay you to sign up and click.

E-commerce;make money online from Nepal

E-commerce has established itself as one of the most powerful ways to earn money or do business in the entire world. Nepal hasn’t remained untouched of e-commerce. E-commerce has changed the way to look for shopping. You can sit at your home and order products you like. You can shop your favorite merchandise or dresses or even get the groceries delivered at your door. Starting an e-commerce business can only be an effective way to make money online from Nepal. This sector is still in growing phase so, you can start your own e-commerce site, offer products with best deals, grab customers and earn. You can display products of other retailers or sell as a store yourself. Along with sales of the products, you can also monetize your website.

Above listed are most effective and common ways to make money online from Nepal. There are many other ways too. However, Nepal still struggles behind due to inconveniences in online payment procedures. Making money online doesn’t limit to the above listed ways though. Your talent also sells in the internet. People make money even uploading making cover songs, video blogging or even selling arts and crafts. Internet itself is a huge job market with lots of ways to make money online.

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