International Scholarships for Nepalese students

Top International Scholarships for Nepalese students

Nepalese students are regarded as highly laborious students. This has helped them earn various reputed scholarships around the globe. Moreover, Nepal is also considered an underdeveloped nation and the international society provides various opportunities for Nepali nationals. Many institutions provides International Scholarships for Nepalese students .Education is one of the important infrastructures and this has brought the international universities and developed nations to the concern of providing learning opportunities for Nepalese students. Outstanding high school students and graduates get various top international scholarships. We have tried summing up some top international scholarships for Nepalese students.

There are various fields of study that are always in priority. Field of studies like science and technology, public health, education and social science are some of the highly valued ones when it comes to getting scholarships for Nepalese students. They are awarded scholarships in these subjects in huge numbers. Here is list of some of the top scholarships for Nepalese students.

NEF Research Grant Program for Asia – Pacific Region;International Scholarships for Nepalese students

Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF) is dedicated in providing financial assistance to outstanding students with prospect of significant contribution in research. They provide grant program for the developing countries from the Asia – Pacific region. The scholarship worth up to 500,000 Japanese Yen is provided to researchers and scientists every year. The grant program prioritizes researcher or scientist or individual pursuing doctoral course are highly prioritized. The grant support extends up to the time period of two years at most. Association in a research institution or being part of a research program is added advantage.

Intermediate Fellowship from Wellcome Trust;International Scholarships for Nepalese students

This fellowship program supports students from medical field. Wellcome Trust awards intermediate fellowship program in the field of Public Health and Tropical Medicine for students from developing countries like Nepal. The financial assistance covers stipend, research expenditure and training cost. The Trust offers funding for up to maximum five years.

Wellcome Trust International Engagement Awards;International Scholarships for Nepalese students

Wellcome Trust offers another scholarship. The scholarship opportunities have been aimed for the researchers. Individuals related to biomedical sectors can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship intends to financially assist biomedical scientist, health researcher or an individual working in the field of biomedical science. The scholarship is worth up to 30,000 GBP and extends for maximum three years. Those interested in applying for the scholarship also need to send the expressions of interest letter prior to processing for the scholarship application.

RNTC Fellowship;International Scholarships for Nepalese students

RNTC Fellowship aims in supporting journalism in developing countries. Individuals engaged in journalism in developing countries are eligible in apply for the RNTC fellowship. Those engaged in program making or broadcast training and managing are also eligible to apply for the fellowship. The fellowship makes selection on merit basis so sound academic and professional records are important. The whole selection process is highly competitive. The fellowship covers half the amount of the course fee while the fellows are accountable in paying their travel fare as well as the accommodation expenses themselves. The application deadline varies every year and more details can be found in the official website.

MBA Scholarships at University of the West of England;International Scholarships for Nepalese students

MBA scholarships are very rare. Scholarships in business studies are not available much. However, University of the West of England offers MBA scholarships for some nations. This is also one of the best universities in UK. Students from Nepal, India, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and other countries are eligible to apply for the scholarship positions. The scholarship is offered to maximum four students from one region. The university offers scholarship worth 15,000 GBP which covers whole course fees. There are two intakes every year in the university. Applicants need to apply before 1st July for September intake while deadline for the January intake for MBA scholarship is 1st of November.

Georg Forster Research Fellowship (HERMES);International Scholarships for Nepalese students

This fellowship is intended for supporting postdoctoral researchers. The fellowship program expect individual with PhD or Ph.D., C.Sc. or equivalent qualification and they should wish to conduct self-chosen and long term research project. The project should be of duration 6 to 24 months. And the research should be conducted in co-operation. Moreover, the scholarship opportunity also demands that the course must have been completed within four years from the date of application. For more details, you can visit the official website of Georg Forster Research Fellowship.

UWC Scholarships;International Scholarships for Nepalese students

UWC Scholarships are provided to promising secondary school graduates. UWC has colleges in different parts of the world and the youths who are looking forward for high school admission can apply for the scholarship opportunities. Further, they can also choose from the list of the UWC colleges where they want to pursue their higher education. The selection is highly competitive and as per the alumni (selection) board’s decision, the scholarship might be partial or full. The scholarship intends to foster the youths as future social leaders and provide them multi-cultural environment within the college itself.

Fulbright Scholarships

One of the top scholarships for Nepalese students includes Fulbright scholarships which are administered by USEF (United States Education Foundation) in Nepal. This is Government funded International Scholarships in USA. The whole selection process is highly competitive as the selection committee receives thousands of applications every year. Moreover, the scholarship demands applications exhibiting sound academic records. The scholarship is provided on merit basis. The scholarship is awarded to more than 1800 International students from 155 different countries who wish to study Masters or PhD Degree in United States of America. The scholarship covers full amount that covers tuition expenses, textbooks, airfare, and health insurance as well as living expenses.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships;

Cambridge is one of the best universities in the world and Gates Cambridge Scholarships is one of the best University-funded International Scholarships if you are looking forward for pursuing higher education in UK. The scholarship covers full tuition fees for Graduation course and research and also bears airfare. Gates Cambridge Scholarships are awarded to nearly 100 international students every year.

There are many other fine scholarships available for Nepalese students. Stay updated for more information.


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