Nepal visa requirements

Nepal visa requirements

Nepal is a beautiful country attracting tourists from wide geographical stretch throughout the globe. Moreover, Nepal is also a popular trade destination. Millions of people travel to Nepal from foreign for various purposes. Some travel for trade and business, while some for spending leisure time in vacation and enjoying scenic beauty. Many people arrive in Nepal for research as well as diplomatic purposes too. With each nation separated by political boundary, they have their own immigration policies too. It is crime for a national of one country to go beyond border of another without permission from the government of the nation you are willing to travel too. Nepal also has various policies based on the diplomatic relationships, protocols and treaties. The system by which one gets permission to get to the other nation is known as VISA. Nepal also has certain VISA policies and there are few requirements for foreigners to be eligible for VISA.
Based on the government to government treaties and affairs, Nepal has different policies and requirements for foreigners of different nations. However, Nepal’s VISA policy is considerably a liberal one as citizens of almost all nations are eligible for tourist VISA on arrival. So, one might not need to apply for a VISA prior to arriving on Nepalese land. But should one be landing on Nepal for a different purpose, other requirements are to be fulfilled as per the demand of Immigration Department of the Government of Nepal. Nepal Government offers different types of VISA based on the nature of the travel of the foreigners. Some of them are Business VISA, Diplomatic VISA, Non-tourist VISA, Official VISA, Tourist VISA, Study VISA, Transit VISA, Residential VISA and more. Each of these VISAS has its own requirements to be fulfilled by the foreigners if they are opting to come to Nepal.
Government of Nepal also offers online visa application process realizing the global use of internet and importance of being accessible. The system was introduced in January 2014. Based on VISA policy, citizens of India are allowed to enter in Nepal without VISA. Nepal and India have significant relationship as they share brotherhood, similar cultures, food, religion along with similar language and a lot of other intersecting aspects of everyday affairs. This policy of no-visa requirement came into practice as per the influence of the 1950 Indo – Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship. This treaty had significant point that supported free movement of people as well as goods between these two nations. Like India, people of Nepal are also allowed to go to India without any visa.
Nepal has flexible visa policy. People of most of the countries can easily obtain tourist visa and they can do it upon arriving Nepal too. However, there are some exceptions as this policy doesn’t apply for some nations due to different concerns. Moreover, the refugee status passport holders are also required to apply for visa before they depart for Nepal. Citizens of following nations are subject to apply for visa before arrival in Nepal.
Citizens of these nations need to get prior permission from Government of Nepal. Foreign nationals applying for tourist visa upon arrival in Nepal have choices for entry visas of 15, 30 or 90 days. Similarly, Nepal also has visa exemption policy for different nations as per the reciprocal agreements between two nations. Diplomatic and Official or Service passport holders of Thailand, Russian Federation and Federal Republic of Brazil are exempted from visa requirement to travel and stay in Nepal. The exemption period is 90 days. Meanwhile, exemption for Diplomatic and Official or Service passport holders of People’s Republic of China is up to 30 days. Moreover, this provision for diplomatic passport holders extends to citizens of other nations too with different exemption period.
Nepalese visa policy also has a visa fee waiver system and this applies to citizens of SAARC member states. Nationals of SAARC nations are legitimate for tourist visa for 30 days at no cost. This policy differs in the case of Indian citizens as they do not need to apply for visa and they are given indefinite leave. In a recent policy amendment, citizens of Greater China region are also subject to free visa when they travel as tourists in Nepal. They do not need to pay any visa fee. Greater China includes China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. There is also a special provision for holders of diplomatic or service passports of China and Russia. They do not require a visa to travel to Nepal. Nepal’s visa policy states this as Non-ordinary passports.
Here are some types of visa and their requirements:
1. Business Visa – Receipt of Online Application, Copy of company registration, Copy of PAN/VAT certificate, Copy of the share certificate, Copy of the Industry registration certificate, Copy of passport and recent Nepalese visa, Bio Data of Investor and Tax clearance certificate for renewal.
2. Study Visa – Receipt of Online application, Admission receipt from College/ University, Recommendation from Ministry of Education, Bank Statement (USD 3000 per year and in case of dependent USD 2000 per person per year) or receipt of exchange of equivalent currency or Nepalese currency, Copy of passport and recent Nepalese visa, Work permit for Teacher, Workers, Appointment letter/ contract paper for teachers.
3. Tourist Visa – Passport, Receipt of Online Application, Tax clearance certificate in case of Transfer from Business visa to Tourist visa, Copy of passport of guardian incase of minor below 10 years of Age.
There are various requirements for visa to travel to Nepal based on the nature and purpose of the travel. More information can be retrieved from Nepal Government’s Immigration Department’s official website too. Similarly, foreigners can also apply for visa online and the online form is also available in the website of Immigration department. Other resources and brochures are also available that shall give clear ideas on visa application procedure to travel and stay in Nepal. Government of Nepal always welcomes foreigners to come to Nepal.

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