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Nepalese Embassay in Quatar- Embassy of Nepal in Doha

Embassy of Nepal in Doha

The Embassy of Nepal, Doha, State of Qatar is the foreign mission of Nepal in Qatar. This Embassy looks after the foreign relation of Nepal with Qatar and also controls the foreign administration of Nepal at Qatar. The responsibilities of the Embassy of Nepal at Doha are diverse. Those responsibilities include safeguarding the Nepal – Qatar diplomatic relationship, maintaining harmony between the nations, working as mediator between the governments. Moreover, the embassy also looks after protection of the Nepalese migrant workers at Qatar.

Nepal has her residential mission at Qatar since 2000. Prior to the establishment of the Embassy in Doha, the foreign affairs were controlled by the Embassy of Nepal in Riyad, capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was accredited as the non-residential Embassy of Nepal to the State of Qatar. With time, Qatar became a premium work destination for Nepalese and Nepalese migrant workers started increasing in numbers rapidly. Along with this rapid increase in number of Nepalese nationals, need of a residential mission was realized as the problems and grievances Nepalese workers also increased rapidly.

This was followed by an official visit of Rt. Hon’ble Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala in 1998. He was Prime Minister then and paid an official visit to the State of Qatar. He was briefed by the Nepalese community about the complexities they were facing in absence of a residential diplomatic mission. They also highlighted the condition of the Nepalese expatriates working in Qatar and the future prospects of the demand of Nepalese work-force in the development projects I Qatar. The situation was well studied by the Qatar authorities too and a formal request was delegated to the then Prime Minister of Nepal. There was a mutual agreement of opening up a Mission in Doha so that welfare of the Nepalese expatriates could be safeguarded. This would also allow Nepalese based at Qatar to easily come up with foreign administrative works being done easily and they need not visit to Riyad. Both the governments did enough home works and came under a conclusion to establish a residential mission in Doha. A permanent residential mission finally took to an establishment at the level of Ambassador. The Embassy was official established in Doha in 11 July 2000.

Since then, the Embassy of Nepal in Doha is looking after the welfare of Nepali migrant workers based at Qatar and also safeguarding their working environment. It has been regularly monitoring the condition at Qatar and also trying to strengthen diplomatic relation between Nepal and Qatar. Since the establishment, various policies have been drafted bringing tremendous advantage to Nepalese expatriates working in Qatar. Qatar has been a nation from where huge amount of foreign revenue is collected annually and it has been helping well for the economic strengthening of Nepal.

The Embassy of Nepal in Doha provides various services to Nepalese expatriates at Qatar. It has been providing consular service. Visa and passport services are also provided. Visa attestation is done. Moreover, it also works in providing information to the foreign expatriates about Nepal. The nature of information ranges from trade and investment to the tourism. Most importantly, it safeguards Nepal – Qatar relations. The Embassy also updates publications via official website regularly to bring transparency in the world being done by the Embassy.


Here is the list of Officials serving in the Embassy of Nepal based at Doha in Qatar.


Mr. Mani Ratna Sharma

Chargé d’ Affaires, a.i.


Mr. Prabesh Kumar Dhakal

First Secretary (Accounts)


Mr. Nitesh Sapkota

Second Secretary


Mr. Hari Prasad Aryal

Second Secretary


Mr. Gayatri Bahadur Paudel

Second Secretary


Mr. Laxman Bahadur Tamang



Mr. Rambol Acharya


It has been more than fifteen years since Nepal had residential foreign mission at Qatar. Since then, numbers of diplomats served for the mission at Qatar. Three Ambassadors served for the Embassy of Nepal at Qatar previously. Two diplomats have served as Minister-Counselors till the day. Six diplomats have served as first/second secretaries. Labor Attaches have received three diplomats in this duration of 15 years while the Embassy had five diplomats as attaches. Here is the list of diplomats who have served for the Embassy of Nepal at Doha, State of Qatar.


  1. Mr. Shyama Nand Suman (3 July 2000 – 22 June 2006)
  2. Dr. Surya Nath Mishra (25 November 2007 – 16 February 2012)
  3. Dr. Maya Kumari Sharma (10 May 2012 – 27 September 2013)



  1. Mr. Rishi Ram Ghimire (15 April 2012 – 21 March 2013)
  2. Mr. Ganesh Prasad Dhakal (19 May 2013 – present)


First/Second Secretaries

  1. Second/First Secretary Mr. Raja Ram Bartaula (26 June 2000 – 29 June 2003)
  2. Second/First Secretary Mr. Rajendra Pandey (11 July 2003 – 14 March 2006)
  3. Second/First Secretary Mr. Ram Kaji Khadka (11 March 2006 – 20 January 2011)
  4. Second Secretary Mr. Jaya Bahadur Rai (13 January 2011 – 24 February 2013)
  5. Second Secretary Mr. Harihar kant Poudel (13 May 2013- 16 November 2014)
  6. Second Secretary Mr. Nitesh Sapkota (18 November 2014 – present)


Labour Attaches

  1. Mr. Dhruba Prasad Koirala (7 October 2009 – 22 January 2012)
  2. Mr. Indra Dev Pandey (20 January 2012 – 04 September 2014)
  3. Mr. Lila Nath Dahal (05 September 2014 – Present)



  1. Mr. Shreekrishna Thapa (6 August 2000 – 28 July 2003)
  2. Mr. Anil Lamsal (22 July 2003- 12 July 2007)
  3. Mr. Prem Prasad Baral (10 July 2007 – 8 August 2010)
  4. Mr. Keshav Raj Panthi (6 April 2011- present)
  5. Mr. Laxman Bahadur Tamang (15 July 2012 – present)

Here are the contact details of the Embassy of Nepal at Doha. For any administrative works associated with the mission, one might reach to the Embassy and follow up the procedure.

Contact Details

Embassy of Nepal

Zone Number-56, Rawdat Umm Al-Theyab Street, Street Number-681

Abu Hamour Area (Ain Khaled), Doha, State of Qatar


Post Box No.: 23002

Telephone No.: +974-44675681, +974-44675683

Fax: +974-4675680

Email:, URL:


Working Days: Sunday to Thursday            Hours: 08:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs

Embassy of Nepal in Doha

Nepalese Embassay in Quatar- Embassy of Nepal in Doha

Nepalese Embassay in Quatar- Embassy of Nepal in Doha

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