Nepali Antivirus

Anti-virus is a program or software that works as a computer security provider. Computers and systems being constituted over a heap of data and resources, various malwares are always possible and are always threats. Anti-virus works as a guard against all those bugs, malwares. Malwares, viruses are also programmed. They are software too but programmed to bring damage to the system with intention of leading the system to malfunction or stealing the resources and data. AVG, Norton, Kaspersky are some popular Anti-virus programs in the market. They are accredited for their performances and have huge market reputation. Big companies own them and they have sophisticated programming. Large numbers of programmers code different sections and combine and compile them to produce well working software. Updates are released in regular interval of time to assure the system free of possible malwares. Among all these popular Anti-virus software, a new name has also started to be mentioned and it is a Nepali Antivirus. Known as Komal Antivirus, it has already earned accreditations from major institutions that work in assuring computer security. It may bring to your attention that the Anti-virus has been programmed by a 17 year old Nepali programmer.

The software developer, Komal Poudyal is a high school student and loves programming. He is resident of Kathmandu and has already been to establish himself as a teen entrepreneur. He is CEO of Komal Technologies, his own company which develops software. Besides Nepali software, Komal Antivirus and internet security, he has also developed other softwares like DevWeb Pro. This teen, who is pursuing his high school degree and has chosen computer science as the elective subject, is passionate about coding and producing computer softwares that have good prospect in the market. He is really a prodigy for Nepalese IT industry. He had keen interest in programming a stuffs from his early days and he has led himself being a proficient programmer and software developer.

Nepali Antivirus

Komal has already been able to bag numbers of international certificates. It is continuously climbing ladder of success and is earning huge reputation in the IT world. This Nepali Antivirus has already been certified by PCSL which is an IT Consulting Institute. PCSL which stands for PC Security Labs is one of the leading certification companies in the world. It is amongst top 6 certification companies. Komal Antivirus has also been certified by OPSWAT. However, accreditation by PCSL is considered even more powerful than that by OPSWAT. OPSWAT certifications are recognized by Cisco and Microsoft that are industry leaders in their own genre. PCSL is part of AMSTO which is known as Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization. Those certifications also mean that this Nepali Antivirus has certainly been under the study of industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft. This Nepali Antivirus has opened a significant channel to all Nepalese developers who can now exhibit their skills and ideas.

Komal Antivirus has already been to the market and one can get a copy of it. And with certifications from institutions like PCSL and OPSWAT, it has claimed to be of international standards and has passed through the necessary industry standards too. Komal Antivirus and the developer are true inspiration to all the developers of technologically struggling nation like Nepal. Nepali consumers hardly purchase genuine copy of software which makes the developers difficult to produce something new and to find a good market. However, with this Nepali Antivirus, other Nepali softwares might also find courage to approach international market. Developing an Antivirus can be tricky though as new malwares get introduced with time making the developers busy in developing the updates so, should Nepali Antivirus be willing to find long run success, getting technologically equipped is also important. Security is a critical component and maintaining secure computing environment is rigorous. So, it is really very important for the developers to cope with the trending technologies and understand the sensitivity of the system.

Since, Nepal is still dependent in terms of technology, we use softwares produced by companies abroad despite of having talented developers in our nation. It might be a subject of interest that, those softwares branded under the name of industry leading foreign companies could have been coded by our native developers. As large companies often outsource works to reduce human resource expenses, countries like Nepal are offered big projects in comparatively lower rates. So, it is really very important for us to realize that we should also have to focus on the softwares like Nepali Antivirus and other softwares developed by our native developers.

Nepal is developing in technology with time. Nepal is considered one of the technologically underdeveloped nations however, some significant achievements cannot be ignored and those achievements show the remarkable growth and advancement of our nation in this industry. With cheap labor cost, Nepal is often a destination for outsourced works. Nepal has huge numbers of freelancers and crowd workers too. We have huge population that is internet and technology savvy too however, due to lack of proper exposure and industry, our manpower lags behind. Nepal has proven track record for qualitative work when it comes to technology outsourcing so, should we be able to promote the work of our developers and extend market of Nepali softwares, it can also bring about huge contribution to our national economy and we shall also be able to cope with the fast paced technological advancement. Like Nepali Antivirus, Komal, there are lots of Nepali softwares but they are seeking for a way out to be introduced in the market. Should we start using Nepali softwares, we shall be able to use genuine softwares at cheap price as the softwares of companies abroad are expensive if a genuine copy has to be purchased so, promotion of Nepali Antivirus, Nepali Word processors along with other Nepali softwares is very important. This way, Nepal shall be able to compete in the international arena of technology and this shall also lead to economic growth being helped with huge investments in terms of finances as well as resources.

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