prepare guide for usa visa interview

Prepare guide for usa visa interview

US have always been a premium destination for pursuing higher education for youths. However, getting through the Visa process isn’t an easy task. For anybody willing to go to US, they will have to face US Embassy Interview and many of them fail. There are few important things one should consider during interview.You should have well prepare guide for usa visa interview.

Here is an example prepare guide for usa visa interview that shall help you prepare for US Embassy Interview if you are applying for student visa. This is just a single case where the student is reapplying and wants to pursue MBA course. You will have to prepare accordingly if your course is different and you are applying for the first time. Make sure you do not fake things. Present yourself with genuine and true but also make sure that you comply with the Embassy policies, especially when it comes to presenting your intentions and financial statements.

Here is a Prepare Guide for US Embassy Interview:

Why are you reapplying or why you got rejected last time?

Last interview was my first interview, so I got nervous and didn’t get good chance to explain my cases. So I’m reapplying.prepare guide for usa visa interview

Why USA?

US degrees are given preference for job opportunities in Nepal as compared to any other countries degree. This will secure my future. In USA the syllabus and curriculum are designed according to modern standards and needs. There is small size classroom, highly skilled and experienced professor and lecturer with practical based teaching helping to learn things better. So by seeing these facilities I choose USA for study.prepare guide for usa visa interview

Why USA universities? Why not UK, Canada universities?

There are no scholarship opportunities available for international students in UK, Canada universities. As in comparison the tuition fees and living expenses is also so high.

Why did you choose MBA?

First, it is related to my prior study Bachelor in Business Administration. Second, as you know so many FDI and international trades are going on in Nepal, which brings lots of opportunities for me once I have this degree from US which has great value.

How will this course of study benefits your carrier and your country?

Studying MBA in Management and Operations definitely has advantage for me.  As you know so many MNC’s are entering into Nepal, which brings lots of opportunities for me once I have this degree from US which has great value. And studying management and operations doesn’t necessarily mean I will have to join MNCs. There are various big industries in Nepal requiring qualified and skilled human resource. And the reason for me to pursue MBA in US is also because most Nepalese universities provide specialization either in Finance, Human Resource Management or Marketing. So, there are few people here who have the knowledge of management and operations. And this will give me the advantage over my competitors.

Why this university?

Well, among the universities I applied, this university appeared to be interested in responding my emails. I was able to know more details about the university including fees, scholarship opportunities as well as the college environment for International students. This brought me to confidence in choosing this university. Moreover, the university is affordable too as the living expenses as well as tuition fees are not so expensive as compared to other universities I have applied. International admission adviser also appears to be co-operative. So, considering everything, I have made up my mind to choose this university.

How can you tell me that you are returning back to Nepal?

As you know that, since my childhood my parents are investing to my education and also I am the only child of my parent. So, after graduation I have got plenty of responsibilities towards them. And after getting US degree i will get good opportunity in my country that will help to build my reputation in my society. My parents, family, my property, relatives, culture and tradition everyone has equal part to play in my return.

Where you will be staying in USA?

I intend to stay at the accommodation provided by the university.prepare guide for usa visa interview


Tell me about your university?

My university name is Atlantis University and it is located at Miami, Florida. It was originally established on 1905 AD. The president of the university is Dr John Jasinki .There are around 7000 students are studying in my university among them about 130 are Nepalese student. The student to the teacher ratio is 21 to 1 so there will be proper interaction between teacher and students. And the international admission adviser of my university is Bianca Palacios.


Why not in Nepal?prepare guide for usa visa interview

Well, I have completed my bachelors’ degree in Nepal and I have my friends who have studied in USA. And I can feel the difference in the thinking and the knowledge.  I will be closer to my friend and my family if I study in Nepal. However at this stage of my life staying in USA help to make me responsible and independent. It will help to develop my personal and intellectual growth. And US degrees are given priority in every field as compare to Nepal degree.




What will you do if I don’t issue your visa?

Well, as for the embassy requirement I have fulfilled everything. So I hope you will issue my visa.

Why Florida?

Because , my university is located in Miami, Florida. And the temperature of Miami is similar to my hometown where I have lived most of my life. This place is safe for international students. And in Miami I will find many Nepali students, this will help me to learn and settle in new culture easily. So I chose Miami.

Who is your sponsor?

My father and mother and my maternal uncle are sponsor. My father is a branch manager in National Life Insurance Company who has annual earnings of around 10 lakhs rupees and my maternal uncle has a medical shop that has annual earnings of around rs 25 lakhs. And my mother is a school in-charge who has annual earnings of around rs 1 lakhs 80 thousand.

Whom do you share your room/apartment with? Nepalese or international students?

I will prefer international American students to share my room; it will provide me a great opportunity to learn about culture and tradition.

How long will you be staying on USA?

I intend to stay until my study lasts. It is 36 months for my course of choice.

How did you find this institution?

I used different methods to find this university: by taking advice from senior, by visiting different website, by taking advice from counselor.

Do you have any relative in USA?

No, till now nobody has visited USA from my family and my relatives. I hope I will be first person to visit USA.

Whom do you correspond with?

Bianca Palacios, my university’s international advisor.

Can you tell me about currency of USA?

The currency of the USA is US dollar. It is the most popular and globally accepted currency in the world.

How many universities did you apply for?

I applied for 3 universities. First is Warner University. Second one is Webber International University and finally I got admission to Atlantis University.

What will you do on holidays?

Well, during holidays time I will go through my course of study and I will enjoy my times with new friends.

What are your qualities so I issue you a visa?

Well, my parents are sponsoring my education and they have got proper source of income, property and bank balance. I am the genuine applicant and my academic background is also good. I have got affordable I-20 from well recognized university. And as for the embassy requirement I have fulfilled all things. So I hope I am suitable for entry.

 What is your future plan?

Well, after completing my education I will return back to my country. And I would like work as a Head of Operations Department.

Do you have any education gap? If yes what you did in that period?

Yes, I have 2 year education gap and I have utilized those gap period by doing computer course from a 3 star DPT training center and preparing for TOEFL and searching and applying for USA universities.

What is your academic background?

I have completed my Bachelors in Business Administration with first division marks.

Can you tell me how do you transfer money from Nepal?

Upon receiving visa from the embassy, I shall get no objection letter from ministry of education. This will let me transfer money through different ways to US. There are different methods like Bank overdraft, Wire transfer and Mobile Cheque.

How will you find your college after landing in USA?

Before my departure, I will send my traveling itinerary to my international admission advisor and she will manage to pick me up.

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