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Scope of BBA in Nepal

Diligence research report on Scope of BBA in Nepal;Bachelor in Business Administration program of FOM’s is the cherished management program which has been imparting practical and technical education. BBA in Nepal is little bit similar to BBS but it’s quite broad from the BBS BBA in Nepal is the international concept of management study. It’s the power of potentiality to trade and travel to the world, enjoy and venture the new business. It is execute through the semester system. Regular program is complete within 4 years by 8 semesters covering 120 credit hours. The students are evaluating according to GPA method.  It is mainly designed to create the socially responsive & result oriented person in the field of management and business sector. The students perform various tasks such as; do project works, assignments, presentation & internship throughout the course.

In Nepal there are different universities which are providing BBA degree to the students. Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University & Purbanchal University are main Universities which provide BBA degree to the students. Among them Kathmandu University has been more desired according to the popularity than others. In Nepal, day by day Management’s student are attracting toward BBA program because of its practical and technical type of curriculum. Different courses such as; Information technology in business , Introduction to psychology, global and Nepali History, Business Communication and Entrepreneurial & Innovation skills help the students to have different skill about different sector. It also makes the student more creative and innovative.

In Nepal since some years thousands of students are passing BBA Program in FOM. The demanding voice for BBA course is increasing day by day. Reasons by which the students are attracted toward the BBA program are as follow:

Help to solve managerial problem in creative way by using different skill.Scope of BBA in Nepal

Nurtures the core talent of student and make them competent business navigators to outshine the various needs of the corporate world.

BBA works as the foundation for post graduation and abroad study.

Student’s gains practical knowledge and it enhance student’s leadership through different assignment, case study, project work   internship.

Update and upgrade students in the competitive business environment in the country’s market as well as in the foreign market.

Support to find out the critical issues related to business and helps to overcome it in the systematic way by implementing different types of strategies.

To acquire an understanding of different types of entry modes to enter in the global market by doing effective planning.

Develop the self-esteem and help to cope with the uncertainty and develop the dealing capacity by different program which the students do in the different semester.

Nepal is naturally rich and under developed country but the BBA program has achieved remarkable progress in the FOM. In Nepal also, the student who have passed BBA program successfully have fabulous career in the business market. It can act as the gateway for student in the further study in MBA, CA etc. As we know BBA is the worldwide accepted program in the FOM, the successful candidate of BBA program can apply for abroad study in different European & American states.

BBA is also the choice to fill the middle management level position in industries such as banking, financing, offices, and company. It creates different types of opportunities to the students in today’s competitive job market. After the completion of BBA course, the candidate might have queries. What the next? What the students are going to do after it in Nepal? Then at that time you can think about these options.

Scope of BBA in Nepal

You can be…

  • Entrepreneur

The course is designed to develop entrepreneurship in the students. They can do objective oriented planning by doing feasibility study of the internal and external environmental factors. The BBA course provides the idea of different procedures & methodologies used in the business organization. The BBA help to create the entrepreneur in the country. In Nepal here is more unemployment problem. Thus, increasing entrepreneurship can increase the employment opportunity and indirectly helps for betterment of national economy.

  • Manager

It develops students into competent managers for any type of company organization. The students have to face out different type of field of challenges through assignment, case study & field visit in the duration of course. So, they have quality to manage and tackle the competitive and contemporary situation. So, BBA’s students in Nepal have option to choose to be a potential manager.

  • Marketing Manager

Students learn different way of marketing in the course. They have idea of how to introduce the product, how to create sustainability in the market and how to boost up the goodwill of the business organization in the market. They have the quality of implementing the effective strategy at the effective strategy at the right in the right way.

  • Investment advisor

Students learn different tools, techniques and methodologies in accounting & financial subjects which will shape the student’s quality in the field of accounting & financial sectors. Students can be future investor or they can also be investment advisor for the company. They have quality to take the right investment decisions among the alternatives.

You can also do…

  • Projects work

During this program students do internship in different field. They make proposal and also make its report after completing intern. Research, economics, sociology etc subject of BBA can support student to collect the data & give some idea related to the proposal. This program plays vital role or the proposal & report writing. The effective writing of proposal leads the student toward great future in project work. Attractive proposal have highest probability to meet the desired goal.

Operation management

BBA’s course shape out the student as a successful operations manager. Its student’s can manage the operation of the business organization. S/he can create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. S/he can take decision & responsibilities of managing the process to produce & distribute. They can improve the company’s profitability and enhance its services to society.

These are precisely the reason of why BBA course is needed for management student. At the same time, they are also the scope of BBA in Nepal and answer of; what BBA’s student can do after completing this course.  Although Nepal is poor and underdeveloped countries but it has different scope for BBA students. If we can make our mission, vision and pursue it whole heartedly than the distance of way to success is not so far from our today’s point. But if s/he ignores and neglects it and doesn’t focus in their future life than either they complete it or not, they will have less fruitful result. The opportunities will be useless if we don’t do effort. So, student themselves should be concern about their future and must act as sets goal.

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