What is the starting salary of architect in Nepal?

“Engineering!”. which is the most common answer you will get if you ask a science student of +2 in Nepal that what s/he wants to study after completing their intermediate level.Among many sector architect is also a good choice. Salary of architect in Nepal is very good as well as starting salary of architect in Nepal is also good.

Engineering is a dynamic field with lots of specializations. Engineering holds a bright and exciting future in Nepal as well as abroad. Engineering is a well-respected profession. One can make his/her career in governmental projects, private or public sector industries, construction companies and on many other fields.

The best or most attractive thing about architecture is that you can actually see your dream come true. You have a dream or creation in your mind then you can draw it and see it come alive as a concrete by implementing it. It does not quite happen in any other profession but in Architecture what is in your head can be physically right in front of your eyes and this feeling when you see it happening drives you towards your work .
What is the starting salary of architect in Nepal?
Average Salary in Nepal in Architecture 50,000 NPR

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