Tricks for Adsense Approval

Tricks for Adsense Approval in Nepal & EASY WAY TO APPROVE  ADSENCE ACCOUNT IN NEPAL

Here is what you need to get your account Approved :

Tricks for Adsense Approval. We all know adsense is the best paying program for bloggers and website owners.Though we have already shared on how to create adsense account, but a question  How to get adsense account approval  remains same. Approval of  google adsense is not easy because they have some strict account approval policies and one of those adsense account approval policies is blog/website should be six month old,though its not always true. Here we have followed some tricks on our new site and got adsense account approved whcih you can consider as Tricks for Adsense Approval.

We are going to describe  Tricks for Adsense Approval

* Create a website with unique content. Folks generally LOVE to copy and PASTE content from other’s pages. STOP that.

* Make sure your website and content are old enough.  90+ days.

* At least 100+ visitors per day from Google.

* Take Couple of large peg JD with coke, relax and wait ….

A little about our website :

– Its a .com domain name ( had asked one indian writer to write 10 articles of 750+ words on health niche and published these articles few months ago. I paid $5 per article. Total $50 Coz we are poor in writing.

– The niche is health.

– We used free wordpress theme, there is no LOGO. Its just a plain website based on wordpress.

Whats NEXT ???

Adsense advised us to put adsense codes on the website. We have created couple of ads and placed the code on my website. If they feel we have implemented the codes correctly, they will finally approve our account and we will be able to earn.

After a week of evaluation from google, we got our application approved. Finally we get our adsense account approved.



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