What Harilo.com does

What Harilo.com does for you?

With harilo you can now shop online from any US websites for items they desire directly online from Harilo.com.

    • This site allows people in Nepal to buy goods from U.S. retailers, and pay with Nepali rupees (or US dollars).


    • They then ship the goods to Kathmandu & pay customs and V.A.T. for you! Every package can be tracked online through their website.


    • This service is a safe, fun way to enjoy the enormous selection of goods available in the U.S. marketplace right from your computer.


    • You can buy from popular U.S. retail websites, from eBay Buy It Now and even from U.S. wholesalers. Take a look at recommended shops (at http://www.harilo.com/links) popular with their customers, or their latest deals (http://www.harilo.com/deals).

Who uses Harilo.com?

    • Anyone living in Nepal (from expats to Nepalis) can use Harilo’s services to receive packages ordered online at any US based website.


    • Nepali business people who do not want to spend money on buying trips to the US – they save money on airplane tickets, hotels and food (not to mention expensive visa fees).


    • INGOs, NGOs and charities who need to order specialized equipment, receive donations or need to buy wholesale goods.


  • NRNs who want to send gifts back home to friends and family in Nepal.

For more information please visit Harilo.com

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