Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal

Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal

There are many entrepreneurs in Nepal contributing in their sector. There have been some influential people too leading youths in various sectors in fostering their creativity and talent. There are many Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal who have been leading various fields and contributing towards society and nation.

Here are some influential Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal:

Prakash Neupane

Prakash Neupane is a successful tech entrepreneur in Nepal. He is an Open Data Enthusiast. Based in Kathmandu, he came up with various innovative ideas and also brought them to practice via some smart startups. He has founded the company called Smart Samaj. He is also the co-founder of Nepflights which is the first real-time flight booking platform in Nepal. He always believes in bringing technology in innovation. He is an optimist and is always motivated for the change driven by technology. He also engages with people through various medium, consults with them and motivates them to use technology for social and economic development.

Moreover, he has affiliations to various organizations. He has also taken an initiative in encouraging girls in technology through a social business called G-Hackademy.


Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar is one among successful Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal. He has led various organizations through various responsibilities. He is Chief Executive Officer of Unlimited Technologies Pvt Ltd. He is also leading Microsoft MDP Nepal as Country Manager. In addition to those, he is Member Secretary of Nepali Language in Information Technology, Steering Committee under High Level Commission of Information Technology of Government of Nepal and Chairperson of Forum for Information Technology Nepal (FIT Nepal). He has served as the Member of National Information Technology Council chaired by the Prime Minister of Nepal and formed under the National IT policy of Government of Nepal. His service also includes two years service for Computer Association of Nepal as General Secretary. He has been working in the field of local language computing in the information and communication sector of Nepal for the past 18 years and has been representing Nepal to the Asian Forum for Information Technology for the past 10 years.


Sakin Shrestha

Sakin Shrestha is a growing technology entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping technological sector grow for many reasons. He believes, this sector has huge prospect for creating jobs for many young Nepalese who would otherwise migrate to foreign countries. Technology is the only sector, Nepalese have been able to prove themselves skillful enough to compete with the world and growth of the sector will let Nepalese professionals develop skills for fast changing global workplace.

Sakin Shrestha has brought many innovative ideas and his skills to the practices in the form of various ventures and companies. His journey as an entrepreneur started from 2011 with his first venture, Catch Internet which provides technology solutions. His quest expanded further with creation of Catch Themes which was dedicated in providing premium themes to clients needing more functionality and support. He is himself a Word Press expert and wants to share his knowledge. With this vision, he founded DevotePress, a magazine that would help developers with in-depth tutorials. His recent venture includes Acclaim Technology which is an umbrella organization of seven successful IT companies. This was formed to ensure a strong technology company fulfilling every technological need of clients.


Mina Kumari Chaudhary

Mina, who can be referred as solar lady of Nepal has been a role model for every Nepalese woman willing to begin entrepreneurship journey. Mina initiated Isharika Urjah which is dedicated in selling solar products at cheap price in Far West Nepal. Isharika Urjah aims to be one of the biggest solar product retailers in the region. The enterprise was named after her daughter, Isharika.

Mina didn’t have an easy journey in establishing herself as an entrepreneur. She paid her own way through secondary school and completed her School Leaving Certificate and college. She is much more engaged with members of the society too. When she is not in her entrepreneurship role, she continues to work with a Village Development Committee forum for women and human rights. Mina has already served for Chamber of Commerce and Industry for four years and then she worked in a boarding school.


Ujwal Thapa

Ujwal Thapa is a successful young entrepreneur as well as an influential personality. He has brought various innovative concepts and ideas both for economy and society into practice. He founded IT & online branding company ( He also formed eco-systems of budding entrepreneurs ( This has been a huge platform for budding entrepreneurs to share their ideas, get suggestions, work together and promote entrepreneurship in Nepal. He has also build groups of anti – bandh activists ( He has started growing organic coffee in his village ( He also believed in building 21st century leadership for Nepal ( He is a visionary person with lots of innovative ideas and he is contributing for society and nation via various startups and social platforms.


There are many more Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal working relentlessly to bring change. They believe that change can be brought in Nepal and we can dream of living in better Nepal. They have been source of inspiration for us. They have also been the change agents. Through their startups, foundations and even small initiations, they are making huge contribution towards society. In addition to these all, they are also creating job opportunities for Nepalese and are dedicated in making sure that Nepalese skills and talents are used here in Nepal. They always promote sustainable development. They are engaged in wide range of sectors but still contributing for society and nations. Some are dedicated more towards economic development, some are more into social change but still they all are bound together with a common feeling of development for nation.

There are many startups helping us in our daily life and there are many hidden faces behind development of these startups. Those Young Tech Entrepreneurs have made out lives easier in different ways. We might have seen online payment gateways, e-commerce website as well as various applications and they have all been very important to us.

Madhav Dhungana

Madhav Dhungana is another  name on successful Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal.He is Graduate on Information Technology.He like to say himself as a Freelance IT Entrepreneur.He enjoy working on freelance projects after office work.He is Crafter of great App and websites… Builder of better brands . His skills range from (lovingly) crafting and coding great web standard compliant sites -for both big and small designing and designing creative logo &graphics so that you can keep your company fresh in peoples minds – to print and even come up with ideas which give you a better brand. He specialise in HTML5,CSS3,PHP,MySQL,Wordpress,Joomla.. creating beautiful designs with a clear emphasis on usability and accessibility. Having this knowledge allows him to produce a cost effective solution which not only looks good but is also a powerful marketing tool.

Bishwash Dhakal

Bishwash is a popular name on Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal ;started F1 Soft in 2004 in line with passion for technology and also the realization of the potential this field offered. With little savings from previous part time job it was easier said than done to create the required setup. He had his vision to create the most preferred IT solutions provider in the country, already set. However, it was only one and a half years later he managed to put together the requisite funds and a team of professional developers. There was no looking back after that.
Website designing, domain registration and software development for small companies were the main sources of revenue generation in the company initially.He realized that to be more profitable and to grow fast we needed to move up the value chain and create a niche. In the beginning itself he was aware of the nature of the Nepalese market and the kind of micro payment solutions needed in this market. As they were a small company then we could not garner enough support because of which the project eSewa had to wait for the next 3 years to be a viable payment option. This early challenge forced us to look at other alternatives that would be the stepping stones for micro payment solutions and also help build the requisite trust. The banking sector was booming during that time and banks were realizing the importance of integrating technology in their processes.His decision to move towards designing solutions to cater to this industry proved to be the right one. They started with value added services like SMS banking and gradually moved to more sophisticated next generation banking solutions which is the core of their  business today.

Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal+Young Tech Entrepreneurs in Nepal

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